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Earthway 1001B Precision Garden Seeder

1001B Precision seeder

The Precision Garden Seeder is simple to use - lightweight, easy to handle, and there are no maintenance problems. Super tough construction and corrosion resistant materials combine to give every seeder owner years of trouble free use.

1001-B plants at precise depth, a precise spacing, and covers and packs all in one operation. Eliminating the problems of seed rot and skipped plants.

The EarthWay Seeder price is £140.00 + VAT. Additional seed plates are supplied at a cost of £11.00 + VAT.

Standard Seed Plates

The Precision Seeder comes with six free seed plates.


8.5" spacing
Plate no. 1002-2


3" spacing
Plate no. 1002-18
Will also plant Jumbo and Early Peas.


Uniform spacing
Plate no. 1002-10
Will also plant Lettuce, Turnips, Cabbage, Onions and Tomatoes.


3.5" spacing
Plate no. 1002-14
Will also plant small Peas.


1.5" spacing
Plate no. 1002-5
Will also plant Asparagus, Leek and Spinach.


3.5" spacing
Plate no. 1002-22
Will also plant Okra and Swiss Chard.

Additional Seed Plates

Some optional plates are available.


Plate no. 1002-9
Will also plant Kale, Cabbage Light, Mustard, Carrots Light and Turnips Light.


Plate no. 1002-26


Plate no. 1002-29


Plate no. 1002-27
Will also plant Runner Beans.


Plate no. 1002-24
Will also plant Broccoli, Cabbage, Turnips, Mustard and Wallflowers.

Seed Plate Tip1: If you have problems with small seeds getting behind the seed plate, dip the seed plate in soapy water then let air dry. This should solve your problem.

Seed Plate Tip2: You can adjust the spacing of the seeds by covering one or more holes in the seed plate with bees wax.